10/31/2011 01:14 pm ET Updated Dec 31, 2011

Halloween: Republicans, Democrats Attack, Herman Cain Says Who He'd Dress Up As

Democrats and Republicans attacked each other Monday with Halloween themes.

"This Halloween, Democrats are dressing up as themselves," wrote the National Republican Congressional Committee, according to The Hill. "The Democrats' job-destroying policies make a frightening costume."

The New Hampshire Democratic Party joked that it would be hard picking which Mitt Romney to "dress up" as this Halloween, referencing the Republican presidential candidate's shifting positions. "Just like Mitt Romney, the hardest part will be choosing which Mitt you want to be. There's Unemployed Mitt, Millionaire Mitt, Middle Class Mitt, Mean Mitt and Career Politician Mitt," said the party in a press release.

The South Carolina Democratic Party also targeted Romney for Halloween. "Pro-choice Mitt wouldn't recognize Pro-life Mitt," said the release.

Candy itself is sometimes political too. OpenSecrets reports that one of the leading producers of candy corns, Jelly Belly, has donated to a Republican-leaning super PAC.

At the American Enterprise Institute Monday morning in Washington, when Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain was asked which of his rivals he would dress up as for Halloween, he said he would dress up as Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas.)