10/31/2011 08:57 am ET Updated Dec 31, 2011

REPORT: iPhone 5 Will Have NFC, Brains

If zombie angry that iPhone 4S not iPhone 5, check out latest Apple rumor about iPhone 5.

Source say iPhone 5 in China, zombie capital of world, already have NFC-capability, and brains. Brains not app -- Brains part of new iOS! Brain iOS let Zombie find brain faster more easy than ever. It's brains-ical.

New iOS promise more brains, higher brain power, more brainpixels on the braincamera, front-facing braincamera, and hole where brains come out. Zombie can use iPhone 5 to smash in head of human to get to brains. When a zombie see human with iPhone it means they have rotten brain. Smash brain, smash!

Report also say BrainPad could ship as soon as September, source in factory say. More rumor too but source's brains eaten. AARHGGGHHHDHGHDMM. Warning: Even if iPhone look like brains inside, not brains! Shiny shiny that look like brains is plastic.

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