Fashion Food Exhibit In Berlin Showcases Edible Clothing From Chef Roland Trettl (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

Fashion models and food don't exactly have as close an association as salt and pepper. But a new exhibit at Berlin's Museum For Communications brings to mind another food analogy for their relationship: bread and butter, with the models as the bread and the food as the butter.

That's because, the photographs on display at Fashion Food, which opened Saturday, October 29th, models are wearing clothing made entirely from foodstuffs. There are skirts made out of seaweed, shawls made out of caul fat and necklaces made out of real quail eggs.

Fashion Food doesn't mark the first time people have dressed up in comestible outfits. If you're looking for iconic examples, you could cite Josephine Baker's banana skirt, Lady Gaga's meat dress or even go back to Eve's fig leaf. Photographers have taken advantage of the synergy before as well; high-profile projects from just the past couple years include coffeetable book La Figa and Brown University's Sustainable Food Initiative calendar.

But no past experiment in edible attire has had much culinary credibility -- which Fashion Food has in spades. The project is a collaboration between German photographer Helge Kirchberger and Austrian chef Roland Trettl, whose Salzberg restaurant, Ikarus, holds a Michelin star for its pioneering cuisine.

The exhibit will be on view until January 29th. If you aren't going to be in Berlin between now and then to catch it, you can also try and get ahold of the photographs in book form -- if you're willing to pay upwards of $100 to have it shipped from Amazon UK.

Before you commit to either, click through the slideshow below for a taste of the offerings:

Fashion Food