11/01/2011 05:24 pm ET Updated Jan 01, 2012

'Gossip Girl' Brings Back Michelle Trachtenberg As Major Story Arc

It seems like "The Office" isn't the only one recycling favorite guests, "Gossip Girl" will also be bringing back an old friend.

TVLine reports that Georgina Sparks, played by Michelle Trachtenberg, is returning to the Upper East Side for a substantial story arc.

And it looks like the show is angling for a high-impact reentry.

"Her first episode back is our 100th episode," said executive producer Josh Safran. "Her arc is unlike anything that she has done before on the show. Of course, she still is Georgina and all that implies, it's just taking that in a new direction."

When we last saw her back in season 4, the socialite was saddled with a child and a marriage but found herself horribly bored by the domesticity of her new life.

So who knows the direction she'll be heading in for this upcoming season.

Any predictions?