11/01/2011 03:38 pm ET Updated Jan 01, 2012

Halloween Missed Connections In Chicago (PHOTOS)

Halloween weekend is an understandably busy time for many single Chicagoans. With the temperature beginning to dip, one can almost hear the clock ticking as the winter months, i.e. hibernation time, looms and the thought of sharing that time with a significant other feels like a far preferable alternative to spending the city's darkest months alone.

That, and the condition of costumed anonymity tends to add an element of revelry to any occasion.

In the interest of saving our readers' time and screening out the riffiest of the raff, HuffPost Chicago scoured Craigslist's always entertaining Missed Connections section in a quest for intoxicating, and often intoxicated, dispatches from the urban jungle. We put together some of our favorite finds for your reading pleasure below.

And if you're reading this, Rick Santorum, Ursula or Miss Golightly, best of luck finding your match before the next blizzard hits.