11/01/2011 11:30 am ET Updated Jan 01, 2012

Katie Grand On Creating Kate Moss' Louis Vuitton Runway Moment

Stylist and fashion editor Katie Grand might not be the biggest household name, but this month's WSJ. gives everyone a good reminder of how influential she is.

We know and love Grand from LOVE, the magazine she developed at Conde Nast. With dreamy covers and daring photo shoots, LOVE is one of fashion's most inventive and artistically ambitious mags (remember these gorgeous covers?).

But her influence extends to the runway -- and into our own closets, Grand claims. She told WSJ.:

"I think Topshop is selling thousands of hot pants because Marc [Jacobs] and I put Kate Moss in a pair with a posh jacket smoking a cigarette on the catwalk for the last Vuitton show," Grand says. "That shows up in newspapers around the world, and then some girl, if she's got decent legs, says, 'Oh yeah, I could wear a nice jacket and a pair of hot pants.' But I wouldn't say any of these people know who I am."

She has a point about the trickle-down affect of the runway, the sort of argument articulated in our favorite "The Devil Wears Prada" scene (below). But we have to admit: we haven't seen too many stylish girls on the street in hot pants and jackets lately.

How far does fashion's reach extend -- and how much of what Kate Moss (or another model) wears do you deem wearable for yourself?

While you mull it over, head to to read the profile on Grand -- and watch the awesome clip below.