11/01/2011 08:24 am ET Updated Jan 01, 2012

Miranda Kerr Halloween Costume: A Circus Ringmaster! (PHOTOS)

They may have been throwing "warring" Halloween parties, but Miranda Kerr and Heidi Klum proved to be quite different when it comes to dressing for the holiday.

While Klum goes for shock and awe (showing up as a bloody cadaver at her Saturday night bash and as a full-grown, hairy ape at last night's NYC party), Kerr went for something a little more model-like: a sexy circus ringmaster.

The Aussie model looked as pretty as ever in black fishnets, a lacy leotard, a black blazer (for just a tad of modesty) and the finishing touches: a top hat and a whip.

The aggressive accessory, however, looked entirely unneeded -- Heidi Klum didn't bother to show up for a model rumble and as far as we can tell, Orlando Bloom is quite the peaceful mate.

Check out Miranda's sweetly sexy costume!

Miranda Kerr Halloween