11/01/2011 04:09 pm ET Updated Jan 01, 2012

Overthinking The Jersey Shore Academic Conference

Perusing the schedule for the recent Jersey Shore Academic Conference at the University of Chicago, a strange thought hit me: I worried that I didn't know enough about the theories of French philosopher Michel Foucault to be able to really understand a series of talks about Jersey Shore. I should probably point out at this point that the Jersey Shore Academic Conference is a symposium covering what Gawker calls the most important sociological experiment of our time, not a symposium actually put on by the cast and/or crew of Jersey Shore. DJ Pauly D did not present any papers; Ronnie and Sammi didn't oversee any lectures. I was on a panel with my colleagues Genevieve Koski and Marah Eakin, but I was primarily attending the conference as a fan.

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