11/02/2011 03:35 pm ET Updated Jan 02, 2012

Alec Baldwin Crashes Michael Bloomberg's Podium At Mayor's Award for Arts and Culture

Alec Baldwin, who's publicly flirted with running for mayor Of New York City, joined Mayor Michael Bloomberg for an onstage gag Tuesday night.

When the announcer at the Mayor's Award for Arts and Culture event introduced "the mayor of New York," Baldwin beat Bloomberg to the podium and put on his best hizzoner.

From Capital New York:

"Good evening, my fellow New Yorkers," said Baldwin. "Welcome to the Mayor's Awards for Arts and Culture. My awards for arts and culture. As your mayor, I am delighted to see so many wonderful arts supporters gathered together. Hopefully, none of you is going to give birth in front of the audience tonight. But that doesn't mean you're not talented. Tonight, we..."

Then Bloomberg hurried onto stage, feigning disbelief.

Bloomberg: Alec! What are you doing?

Baldwin: Oh my god! Mike! They said "Mayor of New York," and I didn’t know if they meant current mayor... know... Please! It’s all yours!

Bloomberg: I would think so! I mean, I am the mayor and I give some opening remarks – and then I introduce you.

Baldwin: Fine. I'll just stand here and see how you do it. In case I should ever… Please! It's all yours!

Bloomberg, who seems to be on a comedy tour this week, surprisingly wasn't dismissive of Baldwin's mayoral ambitions back in June, saying "If he wants to run, great." He added, "He's got time to run, but he's got to move into the city. He's not a city resident."

Baldwin bought an $11.7 million Greenwich Village penthouse at the end of October and a couple weeks before was spotted getting political with a visit to the Occupy Wall Street protests downtown.

2013, however, may not be Baldwin's race. The 54-year-old star will still have 30 Rock obligations around that time, has his radio show to tend to and is also considering enrolling in a master's program in government or politics, saying he better wants to understand the fiscal responsibilities the mayor's office has.