Boardwalk Empire In LA: The Top Speakeasy-Style Hangouts

Story comes courtesy of Marpop.

By Mar Yvette

With the second season of HBO's "Boardwalk Empire" in full swing, I'm having a serious case of nostalgia. Never mind the crooked politicians and ultra-violent bootlegging crime bosses of Prohibition-era Atlantic City. I'm talking about the glitz and glamour of a time when fashion was front and center for men and women alike, and going out for a drink, or even a steak, was dangerously exciting. And I'm not the only one. Look around and you'll notice the growing trend of 20s- and 30s-style restaurants, bars and entertainment around LA. Inspired by the days of backdoor speakeasies, snazzy-jazzy tunes and burlesque babes, here are 10 places--along with a list of local bands and entertainers--that let you live it up in true Boardwalk Empire style.