11/02/2011 11:44 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

CliffsNotes Films Takes On Shakespeare

"CliffsNotes Films -- The Fastest Way to Learn," a collaboration among AOL, Mark Burnett, Coalition Films and Josh Faure-Brac, has launched with a series animated shorts -- each narrated by nerdy super hero Super Cliff who guides the audience through classic works, including Hamlet and Macbeth.

The initiative brings video versions of CliffsNotes "by presenting classic works of fiction in humorous, irreverent, animated shorts that still manage to present the plots, characters and themes to the viewer," according to a statement -- "edutainment."

The videos are also interactive experiences, as they include in-video links to related content like articles and videos that offer more information on characters, setting and themes -- as well as commentary from college professors. See an excerpt here.