11/02/2011 10:55 am ET Updated Jan 02, 2012

Fallon Hosts Herman Cain Press Conference About Sexual Harassment (VIDEO)

Up until recently, Herman Cain was the fun GOP presidential candidate. He had a weird song about pizza, his fiscal plans were based loosely off of computer game default settings and he'd even started wearing a cowboy hat to appearances.

But then we learned that he faced sexual harassment allegations in the late 1990s, and now the party's over.

While there's certainly nothing funny about the allegations themselves, Cain's reaction to the whole thing has been pretty characteristically ridiculous, so Jimmy Fallon did us all the favor of inviting his Cain impersonator to "Late Night" Tuesday night to clear the air with a press conference.

We have to say, the GOP may not have the best crop of candidates this election, but they certainly give us plenty of parody opportunities.