11/02/2011 11:18 am ET Updated Jan 02, 2012

Ticket-Fixing Cops Protected Michael Loturco From Arrest For Brutal Beating Of Jose Ayalas

A Bronx man brutally beaten by a paint store owner protected from arrest by a cadre of crooked cops is now suing his attacker, The New york Daily News reports, and is considering naming the NYPD in the lawsuit as well.

Jose Ayala, 50, was beaten within an inch of his life by Michael Loturco after a fight over a parking spot. Ayala suffered numerous broken ribs, herniated discs and a severely beaten face.

While Ayala laid bleeding on the sidewalk, Loturco called up his buddy, Officer Christopher Scott, currently one of the 17 NYPD cops indicted in a massive ticket-fixing scandal.

Scott agreed to make any assault case against Loturco disappear, coordinating a massive coverup that would leave Ayala chasing justice for over a year.

From The New York Post:

"I kept going to the 48th Precinct and no one would help me,’" said Ayala, a day laborer who speaks little English. "I went there three times until a cop behind the desk tells me to get out. I was upset. They didn't want to do anything — they’re supposed to be protecting me."

Scott, once a hero for helping save 12 people from two burning homes in the Bronx, is now facing 200 criminal counts in connection with the ticket-fixing charges, and 20 more counts for the assault cover-up, according to The News.

Loturco was released on $10,000 bail Saturday.

Meanwhile, the internal affairs officer who exposed the far-reaching ticket-fixing scandal was promoted in a secret ceremony yesterday, which was attended by police commissioner Ray Kelly.