11/02/2011 02:36 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Occupy 2011: Around The World In 80 Protests (PHOTOS)

With Occupy Wall Street (or #ows as it's affectionately called) in its second month, cities and towns around the globe now boast occupations of their own, camps of protesters shouting slogans in a diversity of languages.

With the glaring exception of Oakland, most of the protests have been met with a degree of amiability. Despite the snow in the northeast on Saturday and winter waiting in the wings, the occupiers are remaining calm and digging in their heels.

Many of the polls taken since the protests took root have shown that many Americans are sympathetic to the protests and even a quick visit to the encampments in New York showed how many travelers were easy to stop by the demonstrations and lend a hand or a buck.

Now the 99% can travel the world without leaving the protest: We've mapped out 80 places where the socially-conscious traveler can get their occupy on as they travel.

Seeing the world's great sights while witnessing a new chapter in our collective history. Now that's priceless.

For a complete list of all the places with occupy demonstrations, click here.