11/02/2011 07:36 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Dubai Princess Has $200,000 Of Goods Stolen At The Plaza Hotel

A Dubai princess was robbed on Sunday of over $200,000 in handbags and other belongings that were taken from her suite at the Plaza Hotel in New York.

Princess Arwa Al Qassimi, 25, a young royal from Dubai, had booked the whole 12th floor of the hotel for her and her friends. (Must be nice!) But the peril began when the princess exited her suite for the day. You know where this is going.

The perpetrator slipped into the royal suite and made off with a variety of pricey goods, reports the NY Post:

So the intruder or intruders simply strolled inside and swiped a treasure trove of goodies, including three Chanel and Prada handbags containing a $100,000 Rolex watch and other luxury timepieces by Philip Stein and TechnoMarine, the sources said. Also snagged were assorted Cartier jewelry, an iPad and a pricey Nokia International smartphone.

Since there are no video cameras on the 12th floor itself, just in the elevators, the thie(ves) were able to scoot away with over $230,000 in contraband without getting noticed.

Al Qassimi is a regular guest at the Plaza and will be staying there for several weeks, the Wall Street Journal says.

UPDATE: We've removed references in this story to the suite's door being unlocked. Police told HuffPost that there was no visible sign of forced entry, and other media reports initially indicated that the door had been left unlocked. However, representatives for the princess insist that she shut and locked the door, but that it had a faulty lock. Assistant district attorney Jordan Arnold stated in court that the door to her room was defective.