11/02/2011 04:46 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

'Project X' Teaser Trailer Released: High Schoolers Throw The House Party Of The Century

It's the oldest story in the book: Nerdy kid, who just wants to be cool, has the house all to himself -- what does he do? Throw an insane rager, of course!

Todd Phillips, who's made a career recording the mistakes, pitfalls and seduction of getting totally wasted ("The Hangover," "Old School," "Road Trip"), has produced something a little smaller this time, a low-budget comedy called "Project X."

The movie follows three kids who want to throw the biggest party ever in order to obtain -- what else -- girls and popularity. Oh, youth!

Thomas Mann, Jonathan Daniel Brown and Oliver Cooper star as the three high schoolers but the rest of the cast is full of fresh faces, including the director, first-time filmmaker Nima Nourizadeh.

Phillips, however, will have no trouble giving the film a party-hard edge. Take a look at the wild and crazy teaser trailer below.

"Project X" hits theaters March 2.