11/03/2011 10:48 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Jimmy Fallon Declares Ice Cream Flavor Supremacy Over Stephen Colbert (VIDEO)

It's official (well, at least according to Jimmy Fallon): Stephen Colbert's ice cream is "disgusting." The two TV show hosts have had a deep-seated rivalry for many months about whose ice cream reigns supreme, Jimmy Fallon's Late Night Snack or Stephen Colbert's Americone Dream. Earlier this week, Jimmy Fallon went on Conan where, he claimed, someone in the audience gagged upon mentioning Americone Dream.

He goes even further, claiming that people ask, "Jimmy, I've seen Stephen Colbert's ice cream sold in stores where they also sell food. What do I do with this stuff?" Fallon has no idea what to do with the ice cream, and has therefore created an online contest for all the things you can do with Colbert's ice cream instead of eating it. He suggests caulking the inside of your aquarium or waxing your car, but he warns the paint might come off.

Watch Fallon's monologue below: