11/03/2011 01:30 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Lindsay Lohan In Playboy: Could She and Hugh Hefner Be A Couple Next? (PHOTOS)

While Lindsay Lohan is scheduled to be Playboy's January cover girl, another playmate tells me that Hugh Hefner's charm may be too much for even Lohan to resist. The magazine's 55th anniversary Playmate, Dasha Astafieva, explained what it's like working with the legendary Hefner and why so many of the ladies that appear in his magazine end up dating him.

"I think he is the best gentleman in the world," Dasha told me about Hugh. "Because, so many times, I have been preparing and dreaming for this meeting. And he just came and said 'hi.' I was in shock. He promised me; I come from Ukraine and it is so far from USA and he said that it would be a very interesting trip for me. And he said it would be the best trip of my life. Yes, he was right."

Dasha confessed that after meeting the world's most famous playboy in person, she would date him -- he made her feel like no one else ever has.

"All people think we have a romance. I think yes, it's love, but first it's an understanding. He helps me be a real woman. If you stay with a real man, you have to be a real woman," explains Dasha. "I think now it's my best date. But I hope I have another one again. For me, it's the biggest happiness in my life."

You have been warned Lindsay -- you might be losing your heart along with your clothes.

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