11/04/2011 11:08 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

99p Store Sells Bra For Under 1 Pound (PHOTOS)

In the US we have 99 cents. In the UK, 99 pence, or 99p.

99 pence, like 99 cents, can't get you much -- a can of soda, perhaps, or a candy bar. But at the British dollar store-like chain called 99p, you can now get yourself a bra.

The Daily Mail has drawn attention to what might be the most inexpensive bra ever, currently being sold at 99p locations.

It looks like a normal bra and feels like one too, fit model Lucy Cusack told the newspaper: "I was a bit apprehensive at first because I've bought low-priced bras before and they were very uncomfortable. But this one was actually really pleasant, and I could see myself wearing it to work."

It seems hard to believe that the lingerie item, which should be more complicated to make than a simple t-shirt or sock, could be manufactured for under a pound (equivalent to about $1.60 here). But 99p has accomplished the feat, with the store's commercial director Hussein Lalani telling the Mirror, "Even with the padding we are working off wafer-thin margins but times are hard so every penny counts" -- all 99 of them.

Someone should let Victoria's Secret know.... they could've saved about $2,499,998.40 on the Fantasy Treasure Bra. Miranda Kerr would never know the difference.

Read more at and if you're really curious, keep an eye out for the bra to go on sale at In the meantime, browse discount undies, liters of milk, cans of soda and reduced-priced pet food.