11/04/2011 08:51 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Eric Bolling, Fox News' Peter Johnson Mock Occupy Wall Street (VIDEO)

Fox News host Eric Bolling added to his history of mocking Occupy Wall Street during an appearance on Friday's "Fox and Friends."

Bolling previously appeared on camera in a tin-foil hat to lampoon the protests. On Friday, he spoke to contributor Peter Johnson about the movement. Both seemed to view Occupy Wall Street in fairly apocalyptic terms, with Bolling hinting that the protesters were "really just trying to shut down the economy," and Johnson calling the Occupy Oakland general strike an "alarming event in America."

Johnson also took an unnamed but clear swipe at Rachel Maddow, who connected the general strike to another one that took place in Oakland in 1946 on her Wednesday show.

"I saw one person talk about this as if it was a nostalgic reverie, looking back at what happened in 1946 as if they were summer camp movies," he said.

As the segment ended, Bolling said, "How about occupy a job? how about occupy reality for a minute?"