11/04/2011 07:38 am ET Updated Jan 04, 2012

Hipmunk's Thanksgiving Travel Guide (INFOGRAPHIC)

Our friends at the geek-chic airfare search site Hipmunk have distilled the data and assembled a Thanksgiving infographic that presents some very useful tips in the run-up to this month's travel extravaganza.

Among the most useful figures are on-time rankings for airports both efficient (Salt Lake City, Minneapolis, Portland) and not (Miami, Dallas, New York-LaGuardia). Hipmunk also crunches the numbers to reveal that Thanksgiving Thursday is the least busy travel day of the season, making it a less-maddening option for fliers who are willing to skip Wednesday departures.

Also promising news? The airlines' rate of "mishandling" bags -- industry-speak for losing your luggage -- has been under three pieces per thousand during the last two Novembers. That beats the annual ratios of close to four pieces per thousand.

Click the graphic below to see the full-size version of Hipmunk's intriguing chart.