11/04/2011 05:38 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

'X Factor' Guilty Of Lip Syncing?

Those tuning into "X Factor" Thursday night may have witnessed an Ashlee Simpson-on-"Saturday Night Live" moment when 60-year-old crooner Leroy Bell opened his mouth and didn't sync with the soundtrack.

As the LA Times noticed earlier, the sounds don't quite match up to the supposed "live singing" going on in the below clip, which features the remaining contestants doing a group performance of David Guetta's "Without You."

WATCH: "Without You" On "X Factor"

New York Magazine noticed the same thing, this time pointing out that group ensemble Stereo Hogzz "looked like they were lip-synching," saying the group could, rather suspiciously, "sing without opening their mouth and that TV audiences can hear them loud and clear even though their microphones are nowhere near their faces."

WATCH: Stereo Hogzz Perform Survival Song

As for "X Factor" -- which received the good news about a second season renewal from Fox this week -- a spokeswoman told TMZ that all ensemble performances are "pre-recorded." Meanwhile, a spokeswoman for the show told New York Magazine (in reference to the Stereo Hogzz performance) that "all survival songs are performance live, with just a backing track."