11/06/2011 10:59 am ET Updated Feb 02, 2016

Adam Lambert Faces Lawsuit Claiming He Was Ineligible For 'American Idol'

Adam Lambert may be continuing to ride the crest of a successful post-"American Idol" wave, but a new lawsuit claims the singer violated the competition's rules when he appeared on the reality series.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Lambert faces a new lawsuit that alleges he previously had an "operating agreement" with recording label Welsford Music Productions at the time he auditioned for "Idol" in 2008, thereby putting him in breach of the TV show's eligibility requirements.

The Reporter's blog quotes from the complaint from Colwel Platinum Entertainment, Welford's parent company, which has been promoting "Beg For Mercy," an album of Lambert's early pre-"Idol" material:

Upon further information and belief, the rules governing appearances on and participation in "American Idol" when Lambert was a contestant provided, among other things, that contestants were ineligible if 'as of the date of [the] audition, [they had]...a music recording contract...or any other contractual arrangement that would prohibit [them] from entering into a...recording contract...'

According to the lawsuit, Welsford spent more than $200,000 to produce the recordings and to advance money to Lambert for living expenses, in exchange for the right to use the singer's name, nickname and biography for promotional purposes.

As New York Magazine's Vulture blog points out, the announcement comes shortly after the singer's reps claimed "Beg for Mercy" comprised the same material as "Take One," a 2009 release which Lambert previously disowned, and had sent Amazon.com takedown notices. Interestingly, Colwel also alleges that Lambert uploaded four of the 13 songs he recorded under the Welsford deal to his MySpace page without authorization.

Though he has yet to release an official statement on the suit, Lambert, who is currently working on his second album, appears to have spoken cryptically of the suit on his Twitter account. "Remember than (sp) in any dispute, reserve judgement until all the facts surface from ALL parties," he tweeted on Nov. 5. "Guilt and innocence come with a complete story." Meanwhile, Lambert took to the stage Sunday for a spectacular performance alongside Queen at the MTV Europe Music Awards.

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