11/06/2011 10:34 pm ET Updated Jan 06, 2012

Mark Sanchez Flinch: Bills CB Drayton Florence Scares Jets Quarterback Before Snap (VIDEO)

Mark Sanchez will probably hear about this play all week. Late in the fourth quarter with the Jets leading the Bills 27-11, Rex Ryan decided to run a wildcat play and had his quarterback line up as a receiver.

Let's just say Sanchez didn't look very comfortable.

Bills cornerback Drayton Florence lined up across from Sanchez and just before the snap, he made a subtle move faking like he was going to charge right at the former USC Trojan. Sanchez flinched, took a quick step back and couldn't help but immediately laugh at himself. But he could only smile for a second as the ball was snapped and Sanchez tried to block Florence. That only made matters worse for Sanchez, however, as he was called for holding on the play.

At least Sanchez can say he walked off the field with a victory.