11/06/2011 12:24 pm ET Updated Jan 06, 2012

SNL: Rick Perry Defends 'Drunk' Speech On Weekend Update (VIDEO)

Rick Perry has made headlines for a lot of reasons so far in this campaign, but the most baffling one yet occurred last week in New Hampshire when he made a speech while seeming... well, wasted.

While Perry and company have asserted that he was not under the influence, "Saturday Night Live" got the real scoop this weekend when Perry (Bill Hader) dropped by "Weekend Update" in an equally questionable state.

Just like Herman Cain blamed Perry this week for the leaking of his past sexual harassment allegations, Perry blamed Cain for making him seem drunk during his speech. According to Perry, Cain gave him a Godfather's pizza right beforehand, with Ambiens instead of pepperoni and beer instead of tomato sauce. Seems plausible enough.

Watch the full bit above to see Perry completely lose it -- and even reveal some "damaging" information about Cain.