11/08/2011 11:52 am ET Updated Jan 07, 2012

Joe Paterno Press Conference Canceled: Penn State Cancels Media Session During Sandusky Scandal

UPDATE: NYT reports Penn State administration preparing for Joe Paterno's exit from university.

Days after shocking sex abuse allegations were leveled against former Penn State defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky, the nation is looking to the university for answers -- answers to questions about the nature and scope of the abuse, and answers from university officials about why they failed to alert the police when allegations came to light. And Joe Paterno, the legendary football coach who worked closely with Sandusky over three decades, was scheduled to take questions at a press conference Tuesday at 12:30 p.m. in State College, PA.

Traditionally, this weekly press conference is devoted to his team's upcoming opponent. This week, however, the past was far more pressing the future.

However, less than an hour before the conference was set to begin, with hundreds of credentialed media members from around the country preparing questions, the Paterno press conference was abruptly canceled. Scott Paterno, the coach's son, tells the Associated Press that the cancellation came at the behest of University President Graham Spanier's office.



Joe Paterno Press Conference Canceled