11/08/2011 08:01 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Al Sharpton Smacks Down Bill O'Reilly's Herman Cain Questions (VIDEO)

Al Sharpton had a tart response to a recent call by Bill O'Reilly to come to the defense of Herman Cain when a radio reporter for the Washington Times caught up with the MSNBC host on Monday.

Last week, O'Reilly devoted a segment of his Fox News show to wondering why Jesse Jackson and Sharpton weren't supporting Cain in his increasingly uphill battle against sexual harassment allegations. He said that, had Cain been a liberal, the two men would be rushing to his defense.

On Monday, Sharpton said that he has indeed spoken out about Cain — but from a different place than O'Reilly.

"I've spoken on any number of platforms about his inconsistencies," he said. "...Bill O'Reilly's problem is that I'm not saying what he wants me to say about Mr. Cain. Not that I'm not speaking, it's that I'm not singing Mr. O'Reilly's song. Maybe he should check with me before he asks me to say something, because I am speaking, Bill. I'm just not letting you write the words."

Sharpton and O'Reilly go way back, of course. In a recent interview, Sharpton called O'Reilly a "smart person that just sees the world differently than me," and said that the two have dinner together twice a year.




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