Jenelle Hutcherson, Lesbian Miss Long Beach Contestant, Makes History (VIDEO)

Jenelle Hutcherson rocks a teal Mohawk, pierced nose, black ear plugs and a tattoo that says "What goes around comes around." And she is making history as the first openly lesbian Miss Southern California and Miss Long Beach pageant contestant.

Hutcherson told the Los Angeles Times that, for the swimwear competition, she plans to wear her handmade boy shorts and tank top inspired by 1930s men's and women's swimwear and, for the evening wear competition, a royal purple tux.

Hutcherson writes on

Long Beach has a very dynamic diverse community including our large visible gay community. I would consider Long Beach a melting pot of culture, art, and inspiration. I stand for equality within a diverse community and it would be an honor to win this pageant accurately representing what our community is about.. This is a huge step for us all, It makes us take a second and re-define "what is beautiful?".. My message is about Love not Hate, Inspire and Create.

Hutcherson has started a "Vote for Jenelle" Facebook page where she solicits support and confirms that she will take her message even further as a contestant in Donald Trump's Miss California USA pageant. She wrote on her Facebook wall, "I would just like to say that the pageant for me is not just about gay rights or making a statement in that direction. The fact that i am wearing a tux will make it obvious I am gay. Being gay is not the #1 that defines who I am, this pageant for me is about everyone realizing that we are ALL fighting the same war for the same cause, against hate. Fighting to be loved."