11/08/2011 10:37 am ET Updated Jan 08, 2012

Jon Stewart Rips Fox News For Defending Herman Cain (VIDEO)

If there's one thing Jon Stewart knows best, it's how to point out Fox News' follies. He played another round of "find the hypocritical reporting" with the conservative network on Monday night's "Daily Show," this time focusing on their defense of GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain.

As Stewart points out, the "big get" of the Politico story that first highlighted Cain's past sexual harassment allegations is that they appear to be true. With more women coming forward and Cain himself admitting he knew about a settlement (after a brief bit of amnesia), there is a wealth of evidence mounting against him.

So why is he blaming the media for the story? Stewart found that odd, especially since the first place 24-hour cable news network, Fox News, has been trying to help him. The problem is, Stewart found a few holes in their defense.

Watch the segment above to see Stewart have a field day after finding clips of Megyn Kelly both deriding the Politico article because of anonymous sources and then using anonymous sources to fuel speculation about union corruption. And it just gets better from there -- make sure you watch until the end to see the clip Stewart refers to as "The Holy Grail."