11/08/2011 11:18 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Rick Scott, Florida Governor, DJs On Board Carnival Inspiration (VIDEO)

Florida Governor Rick Scott took to the seas--or the Port of Miami--on Monday to "demonstrate his commitment to exemplary customer service on Carnival Cruise Lines' Imagination". What does that mean, exactly?


Scott boarded the ship in the port, according to the New Times, to welcome guests on board the Carnival Inspiration, which was getting ready to set sail for a three-day cruise to the Bahamas.

In a release, Scott's office said to the New Times:

He will join employees providing a warm welcome to guests as they arrive and check in for a fun-filled, three-day cruise to the Bahamas. As a welcome host, onboard announcer and "Just Ask" host, he will provide guests information about the ship and the cruise.

Aptly, Scott's spin name is DJ Govvy Gov.

Carnival said in a press release that DJ Govvy Gov even did a line dance with cruisers.

His song of choice? "I Will Survive."