11/08/2011 03:33 pm ET Updated Jan 08, 2012

Verizon Doubles Data For 4G LTE Smartphone Customers

Starting November 8, Verizon is doubling its allowed data caps for all new and existing 4G LTE smartphone customers. Now, for the same price that they were already paying, Verizon subscribers with 2GB will get 4GB (for $30), those with 5GB will get 10GB (for $50), and those with 10GB will get 20GB (for $80).

Verizon is calling this a "limited time offer" and, according to MSNBC's Gadgetbox, it will probably only run through the holiday season. However, VzBuzz obtained what it says is an internal Verizon document stating, rather vaguely, that customers will enjoy double the data at half the price “as long as they remain on those features.”

Note, however, that this double-data deal does not apply to iPhones, USB modems or mobile hotspot devices.

PC Magazine writes that Verizon's doubling its data cap may not be as impressive as it sounds. The blog played around with a Droid Bionic and went through 600MB of data after "half an hour of Netflix, three hours of streaming radio, two e-mail accounts attached and some app downloads." At this rate they would have exhausted a 2GB monthly data plan in just two weeks. (To find out how much data you might need, check out Verizon's Data Usage Calculator.)

Verizon's promotion comes just days before they are set to begin selling the Motorola Droid RAZR, which will launch at 11:11 a.m. on Friday, or 11/11/11. The RAZR, Verizon's second dual-core 4G LTE phone, was announced in October, and is being marketed as the "world's thinnest smartphone."

Critics were initially skeptical about the resurrection of the RAZR name, but reviews have been mainly positive. Engadget called it, "physically stunning." PC Mag reports that the RAZR is, "Motorola’s best Android phone to date," although they found major issue with the short battery life. On the other hand CNET called the battery life "decent," and referred to the RAZR as "one of the year's top Android smartphones."