11/09/2011 12:01 pm ET Updated Jan 08, 2012

Women Make Their Mark On The 2012 Olympic Site

There may not be many of them, but women at the Olympic site in East London are making their presence felt.

As the staff bus trundles onto site, women - in their hard hats and safety gear - can be spotted working away in the main car park, drilling and hefting various bits of equipment.

"I've been actually quite shocked, you can see the ladies as you come in. I've recently met an electrician, she's only 17 and she's doing an apprenticeship which I think is brilliant," says apprentice Samantha Paul.

According to the figures from the Olympic Delivery Authority (ODA) women in trades make up approximately 6% of the construction staff on the site, compared with the national average of around 1%, a figure which has been static since 2003.

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