11/09/2011 01:19 pm ET Updated Jan 09, 2012

Graham Spanier Out? Penn State President May Quit Or Be Fired By The End Of The Day: Report

Graham Spanier's tenure as president of Penn State may be ending.

According to the Lehigh Valley Express-Times, sources close to the university's board of trustees informed the paper that Spanier will resign or be let go be the end of the day Wednesday.

Criticism has been mounting against Spanier's conduct in the Jerry Sandusky case since the allegations were made public. In 2002, Spanier was informed that Jerry Sandusky had been seen allegedly sodomizing a a child in the school showers, according to the Grand Jury report. Spanier claims he was only informed of the full nature of the allegations last month, though the report states that he was aware that the 2002 incident was sexual in nature.

Spanier has been the president of the university since 1995. He is a sociologist and the founding editor of the Journal of Family Issues.