11/10/2011 02:06 pm ET Updated Jan 10, 2012

Bradley Thomas, 7, Raises Money To Give Homeless Family A Christmas

Like many other young Taekwondo yellow belt-hopefuls, 7-year old Bradley Thomas was tasked with doing a community service project to move up the ranks.

What the young boy from Carrollton, Ga. chose will certainly earn him the belt, but maybe he deserves two or three.

Thomas chose to "save Christmas" for a local family living in a hotel after their house burned down in April, CBS Atlanta reports.

Kelly Moody, her husband, their 12-year-old son and twin 10-year old girls have been living in a small, cramped hotel room. They did not have renter's insurance and had nowhere else to go.

Thomas' dad said he was surprised when he found out about his son's project to help the local family. But the Moodys were even more surprised -- and touched, Kelly Moody told the new station.

"Just that someone would think about others above himself. I am really thankful for Bradley, I really am -- or, we all are." Kelly Moody said.

Bradley's project was supposed to end in October, but he is raising funds through November. To date, he has raised $300.50 by helping neighbors and taking collections at church, according to CBS Atlanta.

Feeling inspired by Bradley Thomas? If you want to help him help the Moodys, Bradley's father, Dewayne Thomas, can be reached at