11/10/2011 09:04 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

DNC Attacks Mitt Romney Over Auto Bailout Following GOP Debate In Michigan

Wednesday night's Republican presidential debate had many memorable moments, from Herman Cain addressing his character shortcomings, to Newt Gingrich continuing his bash-the-media act, to Rick Perry suffering an ignominious brain freeze.

But for the Democratic National Committee there was, has been, and continues to be, only one candidate on the stage worthy of their attention. And on Thursday morning, when the operatives there had to focus their attack (in the form of a new web video), the target remained Mitt Romney, and the topic remained the auto bailout.


It's worth noting that while Romney's answer on the auto-bailout question did earn some applause from the Michigan crowd at Wednesday night's debate, it wasn't entirely accurate.

UPDATE: Romney spokesman Ryan Williams emails over the following reply, hitting the point that for all the help Obama has offered to the auto industry, the state of Michigan (where the industry is largely housed) remains in economic shambles.

President Obama has let Michigan go bankrupt. On his watch, thousands of Michiganders have lost their jobs, homes and businesses. Michigan is personal to Governor Romney – it is where he was born and raised. No other candidate cares for Michigan or the automotive industry like he does and he is heartbroken to see what has happened to his native state. The last thing President Obama wants to do is run against Mitt Romney – and that is why his political machine continues their deceptive attacks to ‘kill Romney.’ The only way for Michigan to realize its tremendous economic potential is to defeat Barack Obama