11/10/2011 02:17 pm ET Updated Jan 10, 2012

'Three Things' With Rick Perry (VIDEO)

The highlight (or lowlight, depending on who you are) of Wednesday night's CNBC debate was undoubtedly Rick Perry's minute-long stammer fest. It really was quite something.

While trying to name a third government agency that he would eliminate, the GOP presidential hopeful was stumped. It was so astonishing, the nation might actually forget about Herman Cain for a full news cycle!

But government agencies aren't the only things of which Perry can't name three. As comedian Philip Willburn proves in his latest contribution to Funny Or Die, when it comes to naming three things you can't do to a Gremlin, three "Brady Bunch" girls or all the moves in "Rock Paper Scissors," Perry is equally stupefied.

Watch the video above to see what we mean!