11/11/2011 08:39 am ET Updated Jan 23, 2014

Fired Up For Kids, An Organization That Produced Colo. Firefighter Calendar May Have Misused Funds

An organization that produced photos of shirtless Colorado firemen for a calendar meant to benefit child burn victims is now under investigation of theft by the Denver District Attorney's office.

Bank statements obtained by 9News for the organization in question, Fired Up for Kids, reveal that some of the money was spent on trips to Disneyland, a fitness center, nail salon, grocery stores and others. While President Kirsten Hamling has released a statement through her attorney's asserting that Fired Up for Kids was a for-profit organization, 9News and CBS4 have reported that the organization's website and current calendar issue advertise it as a nonprofit group. As of early morning Friday, Nov. 11 the group's Facebook page also says it is a nonprofit organization, and goes on to say that it "donates all proceeds received from special events and sales of The Colorado Firefighter Calendar to The Children's Hospital Burn Center."

However Fired Up for Kids is not a federally registered nonprofit group, meaning that calendar buyers may have been misled.

The Children's Hospital Colorado Foundation has issued a cease and desist order against the group since the allegations have been made public. A former volunteer told 7News that she estimates the theft at $50,000 minimum.

The organization says it has raised more than $375,000 to patient care, equipment and research.