11/11/2011 08:08 pm ET Updated Jan 11, 2012

Iris Krasnow Talks Divorce Rate On 'The Talk' (VIDEO)

Author and Huffington Post blogger Iris Krasnow stopped by "The Talk" Friday to dish on her much-buzzed-about book, "The Secret Lives Of Wives."

An audience member asked Krasnow about her definition of a modern marriage, and the conversation quickly turned to divorce.

"The divorce rate now, it's been 50 percent for maybe hovering on 30 years, it's now down to 43 percent because of young women, like you, who are marrying later and young men, who are marrying later, marrying smarter, with two separate incomes, and two separate lives in a way," Krasnow said.

"The happiest wives have a central sense of purpose and passion beyond their relationship. So I would say modern marriage means that happily ever after must spring from within. And expecting happily ever after in marriage is a dangerous myth that in part has contributed to our 50 percent divorce rate."