11/11/2011 06:06 pm ET Updated Jan 11, 2012

Veterans Day 'Outliers'

Brendan Nyhan, Seth Masket, Alan Abramowitz, and Jonathan Chait respond to Nate Silver's formula predicting Obama will lose in 2012; Sean Trende responds to Abramowitz.

Frank Newport weighs in on Perry's "oops" and the Gingrich uptick.

Jonathan Bernstein warns against reading too much into Romney's failure to gain more support as opponents' support collapses.

Andrew Sullivan rounds up reaction to the Gingrich polling rise.

National Journal's Political Insiders have doubts about Herman Cain.

David Hill finds no chance for Obama for the third week in a row.

Ron Brownstein says Obama needs his approval rating to rise to win in 2012.

Mark Mellman tackles the myth of the independent voter.

Michael Tomasky questions the "political-science theory" of presidential elections, John Sides clarifies.

News coverage of the 2012 campaign outstrips public interest.

CJR resurrects Elmo Roper's reminder that polls can't predict everything.

Pew Research finds injured veterans may face lifelong consequences.