'The Title Design Of Saul Bass': Ian Albinson Video Compiles The Artist's Greatest Title Sequences (VIDEO)

If you were to judge films off their opening title sequences, films that used Saul Bass' art would have easy. Bass' surreal, graphic-design-heavy sequences came to define an era -- and caliber of filmmaking -- yet still managed to remain timeless, with an allure that has never lost its appeal upon repeated viewings. His influence is seen in modern pop culture, most notably in the opening sequence on "Mad Men" (and even the wannabe "Dexter" opening sequence), and lives on in dorm rooms and homes alike.

Often the same, sleek style -- but always striking a different tone -- his images could be both disturbing and playful, with a range that went from "The Seven Year Itch" to "Vertigo." This range is on display in a new video, "The Title Design of Saul Bass," by Ian Albinson, that compiles some of his more well-known designs.


The Title Design of Saul Bass from Ian Albinson on Vimeo.