11/13/2011 11:47 am ET

'SNL' Mocks Rick Perry's Republican Debate Meltdown In Cold Open (VIDEO)

Last weekend, "Saturday Night Live" waited until their "Weekend Update" segment to mock GOP Presidential hopeful and Texas Governor Rick Perry's poignant public speaking methods, but this week they got right to it in yet another Republican debate cold open.

Now, just imagine that the 53-second long brain fart Perry had while trying to remember a third government agency he'd cut aside from Commerce and Education was actually about four minutes long. Imagine if they didn't let him simply say "Oops" and move on. Imagine if they actually relied on Perry to remember what he was going to say. And imagine that Perry was really Bill Hader in a wig.

That's pretty much what you'll see in the sketch above.

Our favorite part, aside from Perry taking off his jacket to reveal a ridiculous-looking dickey underneath, had to be Mitt Romney's (Jason Sudeikis) reaction to Perry's meltdown:

"Can we just move on? I want to be President -- but not like this."