11/13/2011 05:23 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Tyra Banks Visits 'The Dr. Oz Show' And Talks Body Image Bullies

Our favorite model-turned-author Tyra Banks stopped by The Dr. Oz Show to impart some wisdom and solutions when it comes to body image bullying.

In one segment, Dr. Oz asks Banks how women who have repeatedly been told they are not beautiful combat those feelings of unworthiness.

'I tell women to find one thing you like about yourself. Is it your eyes, is it your hair? What is that one thing you can find and then come back 30 days later and find something else," Banks told Dr. Oz and the studio audience.

In her new children's fantasy book "Modelland," Banks tackles the same type of issues--hoping to inspire self-esteem early in life.

Here's a clip from the show that airs tomorrow, Monday November 14.

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