11/14/2011 12:44 pm ET Updated Jan 14, 2012

Armie Hammer's New Gig: Bakery Owner?

Armie Hammer's famously played internet-scheming twins and J. Edgar Hoover's dubious maybe-sort-of lover, but now he's trying on the role of something a bit more domestic: a bakery owner.

E! News reports exclusively that the 25-year-old and wife Elizabeth Chambers are preparing to open Bird Bakery in Chambers' hometown of San Antonio, Texas, just a few days after Thanksgiving, on November 28th. Among the usual consortium of baked goods, the shop will sell such toothsome sweet treats as "tiramisu, lemon bars, mini pies and local Cuvee coffee and teas." And unlike the Winklevoss twins he famously portrayed in his breakthrough role in "The Social Network," Hammer appears more than willing to share the limelight: "It's nice to have something you can put your hands on and create" the 29-year-old Chambers told E! News.