11/14/2011 01:26 pm ET

Dane Byers Fight: Springfield Falcons Players Loses His Cool, Gets Ejected (VIDEO)

Someone get this guy somebody to fight.

Springfield Falcons captain Dane Byers caused quite a scene during his team's 4-3 loss to the Bridgeport Sound Tigers. And no, we don't know what a sound tiger is either. Byers got into a brief skirmish with Michael Haley of the Sound Tigers before being sent to the penalty box. But clearly discontent with his new surroundings, Byers continued shouting at the referee and proceeded to throw his stick. Then he let himself out of the box, yelled at the official some more and was immediately ejected.

Based on Byers' impressive resume on, this was most definitely not his first fight and by all indications, will not be his last. So we -- as well as Haley, who can be seen shrugging on the bench as Byers angrily screamed at him -- aren't quite sure why Byers was so hung up on this particular bout, especially since it was apparent that Haley got the best of the exchange.

If Byers wants to fight so badly, he should probably head over to Russia to go at it with Jon Mirasty, who we were amused to discover enjoys fighting so much that he smiles while he's being hit.

Hat tip to Puck Daddy for the video.