11/14/2011 05:36 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Harper Beckham Is A Big Girl Now (PHOTO)

Victoria Beckham was spotted toting her daughter Harper around Los Angeles while wearing a blue dress from her own collection. But we were more focused on Harper, whose super cute bow and plaid dress -- which the Mirror says is this $175 Bonpoint baby frock -- made us audibly "Awww!" at our computer screens.

We noticed that Harper, who was born in July, been transitioning to "big girl" clothes lately. Obviously, we know that Harper didn't pick these outfits herself; she's got one of the world's most stylish moms dressing her. But in her evolution from onesies to super cute mini ensembles, we like what Posh is picking.

Back in September, Harper was still wearing infant clothes: tiny dresses, like this one Victoria dressed her in for a trip to Balthazar in New York, and the typical baby onesies.

But lately, Harper's been wearing some cutie-patootie baby outfits. In September, Victoria took her to Fashion Week in an adorable gingham dress. And in those famous pics with Eva Longoria, she was all wrapped up in a pink sweater, matching ribbed tights, a navy skirt and her newest style fave: a headband. Posh dressed her in tiny baby jeans to get a soccer lesson from dad David Beckham, who knows a thing or two about the sport.

Check out the photo below! We can't wait to see Harper's even cuter outfits as she turns into an adorable toddler.