11/14/2011 10:58 am ET Updated May 10, 2012

Kate Bush, '50 Words For Snow,' Streaming On NPR

Six years since her last full album, Kate Bush has created a new environment for us to inhabit on 50 Words for Snow. The album is streaming in full for a limited time on NPR, and on first listen, we're already hooked on its snowy imagery and Bushian loops. It's more of a cohesive album than we're used to nowadays, with songs that progress so that it's unclear where one ends and another begins. Unprecedented, we know. Listen to "50 Words for Snow" here on NPR, or check out one track off the album, "Wildman," first:

"50 Words for Snow" is out Nov. 21. See the tracklist below.

KateBush WILD MAN by bushdor

01. Snowflake

02. Lake Tahoe

03. Misty

04. Wild Man

05. Snowed in at Wheeler Street

06. 50 Words For Snow

07. Among Angels