11/14/2011 09:29 am ET Updated Nov 14, 2011

Lady Gaga Loses Her Head On 'X Factor'; Splits From Creative Director Gibson

Channeling a bit of belated Halloween spirit, Lady Gaga (or "Gahh-gah" as the British announcer pronounced it) performed a powerful rendition of "Marry the Night" on the UK's "X Factor" Sunday night -- headless. On a dark stage design bedecked with a cross and flaming torches, Lady Gaga stepped out of a confessional booth seemingly decapitated while cradling her own severed, singing head. Call it a performance that marked the very literal and real-life break from one of Gaga's most treasured partners. The Hollywood Reporter confirmed Sunday that Gaga has split from longtime creative director Laurieann Gibson after a "bitter fight," which may have culminated from the creative clashing over Gaga's recent "Edge of Glory" and "You & I" music videos.

Gibson had worked with the pop star -- who has sold over 100 million albums -- on some of her most iconic performances, including the music videos for "Telephone," Alejandro" and "Born This Way." Meanwhile, a still released last week from Gaga's new video for "Marry the Night" proved no less morbid than the singer's Sunday night performance, showing the singer strapped onto a gurney and being whisked through a "Shining"-esque hospital by two concerned nurses.

See Lady Gaga's videography below: