11/14/2011 08:32 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Lykke Li HuffPost Playlist: Swedish Artist Gives Us Her Top 10 Songs Of The Moment

Lykke Li first materialized on the U.S. indie scene at the age of 21 -- a young Swedish girl with a crystalline, otherworldly voice -- armed with an understanding of how synth sounds could dally with tender love songs, a fine line she's careful not to overstep. After a brief bit of exposure with 2007's "Little Bit," Li officially "arrived" the next year with her debut album Youth Novels, and a career-making single, "I'm Good, I'm Gone."

Three years later, she's penned a song for the "Twilight: New Moon" soundtrack, collaborated with fellow Nordics Royksopp and released her sophomore album, Wounded Rhymes, to critical acclaim, for which she's currently on tour.

Listening to Li's HuffPost Playlist, it's clear where her own music gets its heart from -- those who cornered the market on nostalgic love songs, and are unafraid to be a little sappy. Below, you'll find Li's selection of lesser-known songs by well-known artists that gain strength from their vulnerability, from a darker Shangri-Las tune to a woebegone Elvis Presley.

The Shangri-Las - "I'll Never Learn

"The title says it all, you never learn and I'll never learn. The older I get, the less I seem to know. I used to have so many answers but all I seem to say and know now is I don't know, but I am excited to find out. You live, you learn, you love, you burn!"

Elvis Presley - "That's Someone You'll Never Forget"

"I stumbled across this track and now I can't live without it, it makes life better and more cinematic in every way possible. The harmonies, oh the harmonies! This is what sex and ghosts sounds like I suppose... God Bless Elvis."

Daniel Johnston - "Some Things Last A Long Time"

"Daniel is one of my heroes, somehow he always seems to pin down the complexities of life in just one phrase; Some things last a long time... Some things last a long time... yes."

Bruce Springsteen - "I'm on Fire"

"This particular song puzzles me cause I somehow seem to mistake the lyrics for something terribly inappropriate yet exciting. Is it really about being infatuated in a minor?"

Townes Van Zandt - "Sake of the Song"

"Oh Townes, how can you write exactly how I feel right now? So much truth. It's scary, it's like being in a room with a mirror and a therapist, not good for a narcissist. Are you talking to me about me?"

Sam Cooke - "Lost and Lookin'"

"Speechless! How can one sing like this? I'm so ashamed of my own vocal ability I might not ever sing again..."

The Termites - "Tell Me"

"A one hit wonder I somehow stumbled across and know I seem to belt it out every time I'm at an airport, my band disagrees it's a good idea to do it live."

Phil Spector - "Spanish Harlem"

"There is no production like Phil's and there never will be. If I ever needed a time machine this is why."

Los Zafiros - "Mi Amor, Perdonamé"

"Well, I'm sorry my baby, I really am. This song just suits my mood right now and makes me wonder why I'm Swedish and why I don't slow dance more, so many mistakes, so little time."

Little Ann - "Deep Shadows"

"Oh Little Ann, I love you, what a voice, what a song... How much can you talk about songs? Well, I'm gonna stop talking and listen instead, that's what I do best. Listen and pretend I'm the one singing, you should do the same -- we all have a little diva in us."

Listen to Lykke Li's playlist in full: