11/14/2011 05:13 pm ET

Occupy Wall Street Considering Sending Protesters To Egypt For Elections

Last Thursday, Occupy Wall Street's General Assembly approved a resolution to spend $29,000 to help pay for approximately 20 protesters to travel to Egypt in order to observe the country's elections.

The trip is in response to an invitation from an Egyptian civil rights coalition for protesters to be "International Observers." According to the drafted proposal, the money will cover airfare, accommodation, food, and transportation.

The proposed trip, which would take place between November 25th to the 30th, is not completely set, and according to Rabbi Chaim Gruber who heads a group that has been tasked to resolve OWS conflicts, final details still need to be worked out.

As of mid-October, Occupy Wall Street has reportedly raised $294,000.

From the start, Occupy Wall Street protesters have found inspiration in the monumental Arab Spring revolutions that spurred through the Middle East earlier this year. While there are some key differences between the two movements, protesters from both have publicized mutual support for their respective causes.

OWS posted a quote from 23-year old protestor, Linnea Patron, who said:

I am occupying Wall Street because it is my future, my generations' future, that is at stake. Inspired by the peaceful occupation of Tahrir Square in Cairo, tonight we are are coming together in Times Square to show the world that the power of the people is an unstoppable force of global change. Today, we are fighting back against the dictators of our country - the Wall Street banks - and we are winning.

Back in October, a large number of demonstrations marched throughout Tahrir Square carrying signs with messages such as "From Egypt to Wall Street, don't afraid. Go ahead #OccupyOakland, OWS."

Ahmed Maher, Egypt's "top Facebook revolutionary," has also provided counsel to Wall Street protesters who he calls his "brothers."