11/15/2011 10:48 am ET Updated Aug 31, 2012

Our Editors' Favorite Side Dishes From Childhood

Even though they are called side dishes, often times these unassuming recipes can steal the spotlight on the dinner table. Having chicken and mashed potatoes for dinner -- what are you most excited about? Let's be honest, it's the mashed potatoes, isn't it? And if the side dish does not make such a splash, it is always at the very least an integral part of the meal, complementing the other flavors present at the table and tying the entire meal together.

Sometimes side dishes can take on a legendary status in our childhood, like my mother's mashed potatoes. When word got out that she was cooking these up, we would find more than usual seated at our dinner table, as the neighborhood kids could not resist her creamy recipe. And try as I might to recreate her recipe or to search for a restaurant that makes them like hers, they just never compete with my mother's.

With this in mind, our editors have put together a collection of their favorite childhood family side dishes. These recipes are all great addition to your weeknight meals -- comforting for the Autumn weather and nutritious enough to serve to your own family (however big or small it might be).

Do you have a favorite side dish recipe from your childhood? Tell us about it in the comments below.

Family Recipes: The Importance Of Side Dishes
Family Recipes: The Importance Of Side Dishes